The Weekend is Changing

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Making news this week across the Middle East is by royal decree his majesty the King of Saudi Arabia has announced the change in weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday effective this week. This makes Saudi the last of the gulf nations to follow suit after Oman made the switch last month to be more in line with the Western work week. Some of you may recall my post regarding our weekend dilemma now we'll only be one day off with the rest of the world and both Saudi and Bahrain will be in weekend sync.

What this means for us is, we will lose our errand running day in Bahrain. Usually on a Thursday Ari and I will do admin stuff like go to the bank, post office and hurl abuse at our insurance company without having to take time off work as Thursday is a work day in Bahrain. Now we'll have to organise all this around work hours like schmucks.

This is Linda and Ari reporting from Melbourne. Stay classy!

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