Pre Flight Drama

Friday, June 14, 2013

It seems to be a travelling trend of ours to have some sort of drama or crisis just before we travel. This time was no different, Ari and I literally purchased tickets 7 hours before we were to board our plane and landed in Melbourne within 24 hours of getting our flights organised. How's that for travelling under pressure!

This blog is about the flight we took home last Christmas where I lost my passport just was we were ready to leave...

There is nothing more gut wrenching than going to look for something where you know you last left it and it not being there. Especially when it's your passport and you are due to travel in three hours. Ari and I gave "turned the house upside down" a new meaning in the process of finding it.

Upturned mattress in the quest for find Linda's passport.

It looks like we'd been robbed.

I completely lost it as Ari remained his cool, calm and collected self. It felt like we were searching for at least an hour but it was more like 20 solid minutes. All the while I was going through the scenario in which we couldn't find the passport and Ari should still leave to go back. He's response was "yeah right I'm leaving you behind" and I couldn't have loved him more for saying so.

 State of the lounge room, why I thought it might behind the sofa I do not know.

It ended up being in a laptop bag, that both Ari and I had already previously checked. I immediately broke down into tears and was apologising to Ari profusely as he hurried me and our luggage out the door to get to the airport in time for our flight. We forgot to take out the rubbish too...

Spare bedroom where the said passport was found.

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