Brunching Out, Bahrain Style

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few Fridays ago we were invited to join my boss (and technically Ari's boss' boss) and his family for a lovely "Sunday" brunch. Apparently, brunch is a Bahraini institution but not the way we know it. Basically it is a massive buffet lunch including unlimited alcohol held from 12 til 4 at most of the international hotels. We went to the up market Sofitel down by the ocean, everything was so pretty and perfect.

Probably the best spread I've had at a buffet ever (and yes I have been to Conservatory at Crown), the variety of food is extraordinary. With 50% of Bahrain's population comprised of expatriates the food availability is surprising multicultural. I ate way too much that day, so much so I don't think I ate a proper meal until a day and half later.

And true to my last blog post, look what I got from Ari yesterday! A non-Valentine related but thoughtful and romantic gift nonetheless, coupled with chocolates he got from a supermarket called "Hyper Panda".

It has an essence of Australia with its "big" shopping trolley out the front. Oh, how I miss the love that Australians have for everything that is ridiculously big :)

Big trolley outside Hyper Panda in Saudi.

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