Long Live the King

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

One of the best things about Melbourne is there is always something exciting to do all year round, regardless of the weather. Another great thing about Melbourne is our families live here, put them together and you get Ari and Linda taking our mothers to see King Kong at the majestic Regent Theatre.

King Kong the musical.

Going to the theatre is an activity that really isn't available in Bahrain, I assume it’s because Bahrain is a little sandy island with a population of one and a bit million and it wouldn't be worth their while to come. Although having said that Ari and I did go to see Ballet Revolucion a few months back at the Arad Fort in Bahrain and lo and behold, Ballet Revolucion are performing in Melbourne this month. I would describe it as a high energy, eclectic mix of dance and acrobatics that was well worth seeing.

Linda at Arad Fort.

Before the show, we all had a lovely meal at the Longroom across the road. They have all you can eat tapas for $28 during the week which was not only uber delicious, the interior décor made for a beautiful setting for our meal, both our mums were very impressed. Having only been to the Longroom for drinking and dancing I have to say I too was impressed with their quality of food and knowledgeable wait staff.

Linda with Pretty and Tina getting ready to see the show.

King Kong was amazing! All week long Ari and I had been psyching ourselves up for it as the billboards say “prepare to be amazed”. So we did as we were told and prepared ourselves, knowing all the while if the show had not been amazing then we’d be disappointed but it was quite spectacular and very realistic. The actual King Kong is a two storey mash up of sophisticated animatronics for his face and complex puppetry for his body requiring ten plus puppeteers to give his movements realism, the lighting and sound effects really brought him to life especially the almighty roars!

King Kong poster.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable performance and a lovely evening spent with our darling mums. I even made a Venn Diagram (the first of many more to come) to help depict the many facets of King Kong. For those of you who appreciate a good Venn diagram, prepare yourselves for some “Venn-joyment” in the next week as I show case my collection :)

King Kong Venn diagram.

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