Junk Boats of Ha Long Bay

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ha Long Bay is a must visit destination if you're travelling to Vietnam, it was simply spectacular and so surreal, Ari and I loved every minute of it. Ha Long is located about a three hours outside of Ha Noi and is a fairly popular tourist attraction yet it still remains wild and tranquil.

Linda taking in the wonders of Ha Long bay.

Video of our boat accommodation.

As our boat left the port, we enjoyed the breath taking scenery from our private balcony and took in the peaceful surrounds interrupted only by the gentle spluttering of the boat engine and the occasional horn of passing boats.

Ari and Linda on the balcony.

 Ha Long bay view.

Once we had settled into our rooms and were served lunch with the other guests, it was finally adventure time! We went for an afternoon kayak and explored caves and coves and found cute little monkeys to entertain us while Ari caught his breath from all the hard kayaking that he had to do :)

Ari at the business end of the kayak.

Linda and Ari on a kayak.

We did try our hand at squid fishing after a lovely dinner prepared aboard but were somewhat unsuccessful due to squid season ending a few weeks earlier. As our boat floated amongst the other junk boats anchored in the sheltered cove covered by the darkness of the night, the serenity was seemingly broken by disco lights and sounds of karaoke from other guests in the distance. But still beautiful nonetheless.

Night time on the water in Ha Long bay.

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