Streets of Melbourne

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunny one minute and raining the next. Ari and I got a good dose of Melbourne weather as we roamed our beautiful city whilst nursing some severe hangovers from the previous night. Some how quiet drinks at home escalated very quickly into not so quiet espresso martinis, mojitos and some vigorous card playing with my brothers. The effect of the evening was fully felt by all, note to self jet lag plus hangover equals bad, stupid past Linda...

Southbank is a beautiful part of the city that Ari and I rarely visited as residents of Melbourne. There's so much to see and do and it is so richly cultural and historic, it's hard not to see the appeal of Melbourne even as the sky darkened and the rain started again for the sixth time that morning.

Southbank along the Yarra river.

Today we were enchanted by a street performer, Pasty Face Mancini who was being bound into chains while buckled up in a straight jacket by audience participants. We stopped to enjoy his charmingly witty and talented escape as he continually referred to us as "the best audience he ever had".

Street performers is something you would never encounter in Bahrain.

Ari and Linda along Southbank.

For dinner we visited the ever vibrant Lygon Street for some hearty Italian to soak up the residual alcohol  still in our system. We took a walk down to Brunetti's only to find that it was no longer in business. What a terrible shame! But my crushing sorrow for the closing of Brunetti's was too easily forgotten and eased by the choosing and subsequent devouring of gelato.

No more Brunetti's and profiterole cake that I loved so much.

Preparations of pizza dough along Lygon Street.

Ice cream! Isn't winter just the best weather for it?

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