Kayaking Exploration for Two

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ha Long Bay has got to be the prettiest place Ari and I have visited in Vietnam so far. On our second day day we took a private kayaking tour which was the highlight day of our entire trip for me. It was a day mixed with adventure, relaxation and amazingly fresh seafood, all of our favourite things.

The deep green waters of Ha Long Bay.

Video on the way to our kayaking destination.

I snuck in a quick nap before we arrived at a quieter area of the bay an hour later. Once there we jumped straight into kayaks and just like out of the movies the clouds cleared and the sun came out to join us. I strapped our waterproof camera to the front of the kayak and got some very crooked but nice time lapse pictures as we kayaked through the cove.

Linda and Ari getting acquainted with our kayak.

Ari and Linda enjoying the sunshine.

Time lapse view of where we were headed.

When Ari had enough of rowing for the both of us, we stopped at a private little beach for a swim to cool off. We were joined by a jellyfish which I wasn't too pleased with...

 Ari enjoying a dip.


Lunch was served on the boat with the most exquisite presentation. It was impressive given it was all prepared in an open kitchen off the back of our boat.

Cucumber flower.

Char grilled prawns made with love.

Chicken skewers with tomato lotus decoration.

After lunch, our boat crew all took naps while Ari and I went out on the kayaks again. We weren't as successful this time as we managed to capsize while conducting a quick turn maneuver to avoid crashing into rock face. Post investigative discussion between detective Ari and Linda ruled speed and negligence as the main factors in the cause of the capsize. We flipped the boat again trying to get back on but does that really count as capsizing twice? lol

On the way home later that afternoon, we visited a pearl farm and learnt about how they impregnate oysters with tiny spheres made up of their own crushed up shells to culture artificial pearls.

Boat villages on the way home. We were told that some villages spend their entire lives on the water and never step foot on the the mainland.

Linda with oysters.

Lady implanting a "core" into the oyster.

Oyster with a peal inside.

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