If You Can Dodge a Wrench...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

You can dodge a dodgeball. Earlier this evening, Ari and I wandered down to Northcote Indoor Sports Centre to initially watch some dodgeball but Ari being the prepared person he is was geared up under his layers of winter clothes to play.

Having played dodgeball recently at Tribal Fitness, Ari was more than raring to launch balls at the opposition and more importantly dodge some balls.

Ari getting ready to run on the referees whistle.

And off he goes!

If you haven't seen the movie, the premise of the game is six players to a team, six padded balls, first team to eliminate all the other teams' players by hitting them with the ball wins the game. First team to get ahead by eight games wins. If you catch the ball then an eliminated player on your side can return into the game. Easy!

Getting ready to start a game.

Ari launching an attack with multiple balls.

It was quite entertaining to watch as it is very fast pace with not a lot of skill required. And fairly dynamic as catches can definitely turn around a game very quickly. 

Ari throwing a ball to this girl who defected the ball with the one she was holding.

Ari and Chris on the sidelines waiting to be caught back into the game.

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  1. They have dodge ball in northcote? I thought it was just in America...

    1. They do in Northcote! I assume a fairly niche following.. Unlike indoor soccer :)

  2. Hustle Ari, Hustle!
    I get better runs in my shorts!!!