Wet Silver Waterfalls

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sometimes when you go on holidays you're overcome with the (irrational) desire to want to make the most out of it. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with lounging about the hotel bar or by the pool catching some sun or even staying in and ordering room service. Those are among my favourite things to do while on vacation.

However, this particular day we made the mistake of making the most out of it. Our first clue should have been when it had rained all the previous night but a little rain never hurt anybody... We hired a motorbike as we've done a zillion times in Vietnam and decided to see the local waterfall.

Usually, the bike comes with a small amount of fuel to get you at least to the nearest petrol station but this time we shorted it. So guess who had to push it up hill?

Ari pushing the motorbike in the rain towards the petrol station which we thought was only 200m up the road. It was actually a lot further.

We (and by we I mean Ari) happened to be pushing the bike past a mechanic who told us that the petrol station was about one and a half kilometres away. So we asked him if he would help us out by going to get us some fuel, he was nice enough to come to our rescue. We paid him for the fuel and a little extra for his services and were on our way again. This should have been the second clue to turn round and head to the hotel bar.

Mechanic man and good samaritan pouring fuel into our bike.

After a very wet, cold hours ride to the waterfall we found out that there had been landslides the previous evening so the Silver waterfall was closed to tourists.

Ari and Linda sad after not being able to climb the waterfall.

Silver waterfall closed. Actually I was relieved not to have to climb all those steps to the top but I'm sure it would have been beautiful to see. It was so darn cold!

Video of us at the waterfall.

Back at the hotel. I had a map to direct us to the falls which disintegrated due to being water all over the back of Ari's jacket. I was blindly guiding us home but Ari was none the wiser :)

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