And the Winner is...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

 Surprise Melbourne! We're back baby :) Well it sure is cold.. I hope all our winter stuff is still in storage. Oh man! It's freezing...

Ari and I are back for three weeks this time, although this is no vacation we'll be working the nine to five like everyone else. Feel free to schedule us in for a date over the next few weeks as we definitely won't be coming back for Christmas/New Year this year. I know we did cry wolf a bit the last time we were here saying we probably wouldn't be back for years but the opportunity came up so whoo hoo!

By the way, another correct response was Ari getting a black eye. We've been boxing for about two months now and a "light sparring" session caused him to pick up a real shiner. Although the week after, I think he may of accidentally assisted in a nose breakage incident. I don't believe boys understand the meaning of "light" when it comes to fighting.

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