Moving House 2.0

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Say goodbye to the luxurious, resort styled gated compound paradise that we called home for a year and a half and hello to basic two bedroom open planned apartment that we now call "Home 2.0". Although lacking the glamour of our previous residence, our new place makes up for it in location. And although the new location is somewhat on the border of ghetto town, it's in walking distance to our gym. Literally, as I write this a cloud of black smoke dissipates in the distance.

Disappearing black smoke in the distance.

We moved apartments back in April over a two week period, using multiple heavy duty Geant hessian bags (like Woolies or Coles bag but on steroids), luggage bags and no boxes! It took about 5 car loads to move us but we took a fairly relaxed approach to it so it was more or less a pleasant experience. No breakages or lost items except for a bath mat which was odd.

Packing and moving, we love Geant bags!

So, Ari and I are quite happy in our new accommodation, it's not fancy like our other place and I've had to get use to cooking on an electric stove (Oh! the horror) and with half the oven space. Probably the only downside, you know your oven is small when your baking trays don't fit and you need new ones... And besides being mildly tear gased three times since moving here due to being downwind, the first being the day we inspected the apartment everything is really great :)

Our new home in Bahrain.

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