New Years 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

What a night! We hosted a dress up new years party while we were back in Australia to make sure we got to see all our close friends in the one place before we left for Bahrain again.

The theme was 20th century fashion predating your birth. There was a surprising number of prohibition era and hippie costumes in attendance. It was a huge success! The photos really do speak for themselves, so rather than blabbing on relentlessly about how fun everything was, I'll just caption the photos for a change.

As you can also tell, I'm becoming a little lazy and not so creative with blogging everyday :)

Glamorous looking Ayda, Pha and Steve in their 20's costumes.

Great costumes, a few wardrobe meltdowns towards the end of the evening, lots and lots of food, displays of competitive sportsmanship, trays upon trays of jelly shots and bottles of duty free tequila. That basically sums up the evening, oh yes and how can I forget the party spilling onto my quiet neighbourhood street just before the stroke of midnight.

 Little Red Paola with Luigi Sophie.

1980's rock chick Cathleen with Charlie Chaplin Tan.

Thunderbird Ba from Grease.

 Ari and the boys, a note worthy mention was that some managed to find costumes from the 80's, 70's even the 60's in their parents wardrobes! Particularly Allan in the hippie mu-mu, although he did get mistaken as the mighty saviour JC a few times that night. Honestly why do people hoard stuff lol

Linda with the girls.

1970's Brendan with dinosaur Chris and gangster Ari.

Slapper Linda.

Boogie town Brendan

Tree hugging hippie Tara.

 Showing lots of Tran family love in front of the BBQ.

 Fonsie Nath smashing a jelly shot.

 Linda with Jedi Anf and gangster Ari.

 James, Tara and Allan as the peace loving hippie trio.

 Not entirely sure but I think it's MC Hammer Phuong (or non-specific rap icon from the 80's Phuong) with 80's rock chick Kym.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly Julie and Thunderbird Ba.

People sitting around having a feed.

Aussie bogan slash DJ Daniel.

There were plenty of leg raises...

 ...and hugs.

 Gangster Ari with his slapper girl Linda, to make the costume more authentic note that Ari drinking sangria from a jar (although realising that sangria maybe not have been the most authentic choice in alcoholic beverage for those times.

There was an epic game of "beer pong" with no beer and no ping pong ball. It's the same concept except there's water in the cups which equates to a shot and the ball is substituted for a shuttlecock. Also group penalties of push ups. 

Cecilia and David rocking out moustaches too. The staches were intended to be used for guests who didn't turn up in costume but people just made it an addition to their costume as well. 

 Lots of shots, actually that's jagerbombs... 

And wrestling?! This is love child Nancy trying to pull young and dangerous Anf off me. 

Luckily my mum pulled out some kitchen karate and rescued me.

 And this is my last recollection of the evening, dancing on Daniel's ute before counting down to 2013 with Pha and Cathleen. Shortly after this everyone breaks into Gangnam style and celebrates the start of new year. Totally hilarious!

We were so stoked to have so many turn up and spend new years with us. By the end of the night I had one massive run in my fish net stockings and Ari split his suit pants trying to squat lift Anf, you'll see the progression to jeans through the photos. Although it is a lot late but seems appropriate, happy new year everyone!

Photos courtesy of multiple sources.

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