Julie & Ba's Wedding Reception

Friday, May 24, 2013

So they finally became Mr and Mrs! My primary role at the reception was door b*tch, although it was more like collect signatures for their frame and receiving red pockets whilst seated at a table on my best and most graceful behaviour.

Ari was not spared from helping out either, he got roped into ushering specifically the "non-Asian" people to their tables.

Julie and Ba stood at the entrance taking photos with all the guests when they arrived. I'm sure holding the same pose for a hour and a half was a fairly arduous task given there were two hundred and fifty guests for the reception.

We had finger food and drinks in the lobby as the guests rolled in and once everyone was seated the reception began. Ba made an extravagant entrance from an elevator that came up from the floor to "Eye of the Tiger" and my mum walked Julie out again. After the family introductions were finished we were finally served our entrees! Yay for food.

Let them eat cake! Julz and Ba had custom cake toppers of a pig and dog.

As with most wedding, there was eating, drinking, dancing, although the highlights of Julie and Ba's wedding reception were the games (with alcohol as prizes), the lolly buffet, photo booth and karaoke! Anf and I got up and did a duet rendition of "Endless Love" as a tribute for our sister and new brother in law. It was fairly awesome (or awful), I couldn't tell as I was well on the toasty train by that stage.

The kiss!

Lolly buffet that Ari and I helped organise and set up. This was cleared out right to the last jelly bean by the end of the evening.

We all ate and danced some more, there was half a lobster served somewhere in there. We had some fun in the photo booth with the props that we had arts and crafted up ourselves (namely the pig and dog headbands and nose pieces). That was lots of fun! The speeches were quite emotional, I cried again during my sister's speech and again during my own speech. It was such a weepy day for me.

 Photobooth fun! I love these photos, really sums up the mood of the wedding.

As far as weddings goes this was so much fun and Ari and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We literally flew half way around it to be there, best wishes for the newlyweds! xo

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