Scaling Sapa Mountainside

Friday, May 31, 2013

After arriving by train and taking a bus up to the main town of Sapa, we had our breakfast, bought some waterproof jackets and hiking boots and off we went on our two day trek.

Ari and Linda all geared up and ready to go.

The rain continued to follow us as we made our start across the muddy mountain, Ari and I had a private tour so we opted to start a bit earlier as well as follow the path less traveled since it apparently gets quite congested with other tourists. Although it rained for most of the trek, it was still very warm and I somehow managed to get shorts tan after a few hours.

Video of Ari and Linda trekking and although this video shows us on a nicely paved path about 98% of the rest was not.

The rain didn't dampen our spirits.

We were followed by the local ethnic hill tribe women who attempted to sell us their handicrafts but instead mostly got in the way of our walking. Because of the heavy rain, there were many mini waterfalls along the way.

Linda with a little waterfall that usually wouldn't have existed.

Video of us crossing a deathly bridge.

Raging river caused by heavy rainfall.

We had to descend down the mountain and cross the river before we could make our way up the other side again. The sound of river was amazing as the water rushed past with such force and speed.

To cross or not to cross?

Ari and Linda on the (suspect) suspension bridge.

Ari trying to camouflage himself in the giant bamboo.

The views of Sapa were simply breathtaking, there were rice fields for as far as the eye could see. The locals dig out the mountainside in steps to make better use of the land and have simple but effective water channeling systems for their crop. Their rice harvest is exclusively for them to eat year round.

Stepped rice fields into the hill.

We also saw a lot of wild life as we made our way through people's farms. Our guide explained how most of the animals (even the cute little puppies) are kept as live stock but I didn't want to think too much about that.


This little piggie stayed home :) I look so happy because we finally managed to get a photo with the little pig who just kept running away.

Mr. Buffalo.

Close up of the rice harvest.

Our destination was a home stay at the top of mountain where we got a well deserved hot meal, shower and squeaky but comfortable bed to rest our tired legs. We shared a rice wine nightcap with the other guests which was offered to us as "happy water" by our hosts but was more like fire water. It sure made for a good nights sleep.

Ari and Linda in Sapa.

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