All Aboard!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

From Ha Noi, we took the overnight train to Sapa to start our mountain trek. I was really excited about travelling by train but my excitement was very much left behind in Hai Noi as the train left the station.

We've got a ticket to ride!

Train timetable

It was about an eight hour journey of light, uncomfortable sleep as the train made it's way through the countryside up to Sapa. The loud screeching of brakes, bright lights as we came into a number of stations, the constant rickety racket of the train and every now an then a jolt that felt like the train was derailing made for the worst sleep ever. It must have been the exhaustion in me over exaggerating the experience but it felt like we could have very nearly died on that journey and be none the wiser.

Our train to Sapa.

Linda getting ready to board.

I would definitely recommend to anyone taking the train to bring ear plugs and an eye mask and then I don't think it would have been so bad. Spare some sympathy for giant sized Ari, he slept with this head touching the top and his feet touching the door.

Ari trying to get comfortable in our cabin.

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