Blogging Blues

Monday, February 18, 2013

It has come to my attention that I have shamefully neglected my blogging duties and recklessly abandoned my readership over the past few months. Not even one single entry for January, how awful of me!

Well my reason basically is I've been hit with the blogging blues, it may not be as widely known or accepted by any professional medical association but I'm making it a thing... Although I do have quite a list of things to write about, I can't bring myself to start because I know it's not going to be chronological order and it won't really make sense which drives me up the wall. But better now then never right?

Also, another reason is the glamour of living and working overseas is wearing off, nothing is particularly unusual and different anymore, it's just our life now. Pretty darn boring hey? Sorry people, this may be all I have to give (to reference an amazing boy band of the nineties).

Having said that though, we did experience our first ever tear gassing last week - that was worth noting! Totally not cool, in one short gasp of air, my eyes, nose, mouth and sensory system were in overdrive (and to quote the Simpsons, it really tasted like burning) not to mention we were kilometers down wind from where they were gassing, I can't imagine what it would be like to be sprayed in close proximity.

Nothing to be worried about just so you know, we are safe and sound and being considerably cautious out and about. It's our life now.

With love from Bahrain,


p.s. Hoping this makes your night shifts bearable my girlie, this one's for you! And I'll keep the installments more frequent :)

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