Going to the Chapel

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Following on from the morning ceremonies, we got out of our traditional Vietnamese get up and into our formal attire. This was where drama struck, we had not one but two wardrobe malfunctions where the bride had forgotten the laces for her bridal gown and the groom had forgotten the buttons for his shirt. I know that sounds funny but his was a fancy shirt that had separate buttons like cuff links.

We did discuss multiple ways in which to remedy the situation, one was take everybody's white shoe laces and tie them into a long length but given it was a wedding no one was in trainers. Another was to use fishing line from the decorations hung from the ceiling and my favourite, cable tying her into the dress which I thought would have worked because it would have matched the colour of the dress and everything.

Luckily Anf came to the rescue and set off to our house to get the laces and button cuffs, mind you explaining to him what bridal gown laces looked like was a challenge.

Upon his arrival at home the wind had taken down most of the balloon arch.

We had a small window to head to a park to take some pictures so into the limo we went and a few glasses of bubbly later we managed to get a truck driver to pull his horn as we drove past. By this stage the wind had really picked up and it was somewhat hard to stay balanced (I'm blaming the wind).

 Julie and Ba posing for photos.

Inside the limo all graceful and cute and outside the limo a different story altogether, I believe this is the cheesiest of cheesy smiles I could possibly muster. Also I could barely find a picture of me where I am not holding a peace sign like a tourist, although I maintain that I have every right to flash it as I please in Australia as I come from a foreign land now :)

From the park we rushed to the reception to get ready for the official wedding ceremony. Drama decided to visit us again, for some reason, my mum didn't realise she would be required for the ceremony and wasn't there. Fortunately the reception venue was literally a four minute drive from our house, she got there as soon as she could but it's custom to make the groom sweat a little right? Drama aside, my beautiful mum walked my darling sister down the aisle and gave her away. Cue tears...
Video of Julie walking down the aisle.

Julie and Ba wrote their own vows for each other which were thoughtful, fairly personal and so darn sweet. I couldn't stop crying for basically the entire thing. For those who weren't present, my sister promised to cook, clean, iron and take care of Ba for the rest of her life... Quote unquote! I know! There were dropped jaws, horrified looks and gasps all round as we all witnessed her set back the feminist movement a good ten years, good for her I suppose :) She found the one, Ba is one lucky guy!

Julie and Ba officially married.

The two cutest flower girls, the cuter one being Jasmine (my niece).

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  1. You forgot to mention that we tried in vain to avoid all 'Wedding Day Clichés'.
    Corinthians... -_-

    1. There was no Conga line, baby photos of both of them or the Macarena, I'd still say that's a win for avoiding wedding cliches.