Happy Little Vegemites

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A few months back Ari and I came to the realisation that we missed good old Australian Vegemite on toast and went on the hunt for it in Bahrain. We came up empty handed for a while, Marmite was available but who wants marmite right? Actually I've not had it before so I can't really knock it can I? Having said that I'm very sure Vegemite is much nicer. Although a British friend of mine Carly said to come over and give it a try.

Carly's seriously fancy marmite stash.

We finally found it and I did not have to resort to marmite, phew what a relief! Although this is what I would call a novelty sized jar, seriously or perhaps Vegemite for a single person's pantry or a beginners to Vegemite sized jar, maybe even fun size... Oh well, beggars can definitely not be choosers.

Since then it's been Vegemite on everything, okay so maybe not everything but a lot of things. Can't get enough of the stuff, it taste like home on toast.

Vegemite on toast with butter.

In a croissant with cheese.

 Vegemite three ways, on toast, on toast with freshly sliced tomatoes, with grilled cheese.

Vegemite mini toasts.

Please note Ari and I eat Vegemite responsibility, the above images were taken over a number of sittings and not one massive Vegemite binge :) Now go get your Vegemite on!

Video of the Vegemite commercial from my childhood. 

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