A Tribute to Alia Water

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Exactly three years ago today, Ari and I packed our desks and walked away from our first jobs out of university. Oh and to be specific it was because the entire company went into liquidation and we were made redundant and not because of some workplace scandal.

This also happens to be the non-exciting story of where slash how we met, for those who don't already know the tale get ready for it... We met at Alia Water, in Ari's job interview, the end.

As bitter and abrupt as the ending to Alia Water was, it was an experience I would do again over and over. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with such brilliant minds and on amazing projects fresh out of university.

We were both young, super green and dreamt of one day changing the world through the hard work we put in. I left there a bit burned and somewhat damaged, daring not to dream such a naive dream like that ever again. But it's not all a sad story, I get the guy in the end :)

The Alia crew together for our farewell dinner in 2010.

 Just starting out fresh in 2008 and the Alia team sending off our Drinking Water Plant.

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