Vinpearl Land

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't believe our Vietnam trip is less than a week away! Ari has ever so kindly reminded me that I am yet to finish blogging about our last trip and in the interest of chronological correctness, I need to blog about the remainder of our holiday before we take another one.

So, it's going to be a slab of blog posts for you all to read at your leisure. Whoosh! Travelling back in time to last October, it was our last day in Nha Trang and we decide to rent a little scooter to get us around.

Ari on a racy red scooter.

It was quite an exhilarating way to travel, of course I didn't have to do too much beside hugging Ari which I am very accomplished at doing :) We took the bike down to Vinpearl Land which is a water amusement park which previously held the longest cable car ride across the sea title but not any more. Notably, a few years back the Miss Universe pageant was held here and the world was introduced to Lady Gaga. I'm sure nothing of note has happened since. Oh and the island used to house a jail but that was a long time ago, now it's a 5 star resort.

Ari & Linda in the cable car.

We spent the day riding roller coasters, going down water slides among other water activities like the wave pool and a ride called the tsunami where I almost nearly had a waredrobe malfunction. Note to self, bikinis are for sunbaking on the beach and not for participating in extreme water activities. 

There was also an arcade where Ari and I had fun bashing into each other on dodgem cars, we rode a mechanical bull and I even managed to hand Ari his butt in street fighter lol go me and who says spamming keys isn't a skill in itself! 

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