Heaven Pho Sure

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pho for the first time in six months! For those of you who are pho inexperienced, it is what I like to think of as the pinnacle of Vietnamese cuisine, one of my most favourite comfort food and sadly unavailable in Bahrain.

It always surprises me how food can transport you back to places in time and regardless of how long it was ago, still manages to instil such clear recollections of fond memories. Eating this took me back to when I was little and every weekend without fail mum would take us kids to have either pho, pork rolls or Maccas for lunch, our special weekly treat before Saturday school.

The smells reminded me of all the times mum would lovingly slave around in the kitchen for hours to make a vat of homemade pho that we would eat for days then freeze to have at intervals over the coming weeks. How awesome is that!

And though she's still far away (technically closer now we're in Vietnam), I know while eating this bowl of simple, yet tasty beef noodle soup that I love my mum and that she is the absolute bestest! Have a bowl of pho today! I know I can't wait to with my mum when I get home :)

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  1. This place looks way too clean to be a top pho joint Saigon

    1. Thanks for your comment bbq, we're definitely in Saigon and there are a few subtle but tell tale signs in my picture:
      1. To my left there is a big plastic bag of miscellaneous meats.
      2. For security reasons my bag is on my lap and not on the chair beside me.
      3. To my right the mirror reflection shows a man on a motorbike.
      The place we're at is Pho Le on Ngugen Trai in district 5, super yummy pho!