Suit Up in Hoi An

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There's nothing quite like a tailored suit and Hoi An is renowned for its many many sweatshops oh I mean tailor houses :) We visited a place called A Dong Silk along the main stretch of tourist street in Hoi An, they did a really impressive job not to mention fast, like fast and furious fast. They managed to turn around Ari's two piece suit with extra trousers and four business shirts in less than two days. 

Ari at his first fitting and Ari in the final product.

While waiting for them to add the finishing touches to the garments (trimming loose threads and opening button holes) Ari went and blew the bank by splashing out on what was meant to be a AUD1 buzz cut but he was so impressed with the cut he tipped them double :) You'll notice in the pictures above he went pretty short, shorter than I'd ever seen it, I'd say maybe the length was greater than zero but less than 0.5.

 Ari getting a buzz cut in Hoi An.

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