Hue City Tour

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally! The last instalment from our Vietnam trip last October 2011, we are literally going to get on a plane in a little under 3 hours to go on our next trip, hopefully I'll be more up to date with the blogging :)

We end our touring component of Vietnam in Hue which is located in central Vietnam. The most famous dish to come from here is Bun Bo Hue (BBH) which is a spicy beef noodle, Hue style. So yum! I demolished this for breakfast before our big full day tour of Hue city.

Now it becomes somewhat of a blur all of the tombs and citadels we visited as we were hoarded onto a bus with the other tourists, I can't even recall the order in which we visited places or their names, thank goodness for Internet otherwise there would be no chance of me being able to correctly identify them for you :)

Ari and Linda at Minh Mang tomb.

I love this picture of Ari outside of Khai Dinh tomb, you can barely spot him.

 Linda on the steps inside Hue Citadel and Ari with a cool dragon statue.

Inside of Khai Dinh tomb, Ari on the steps Thien Mu Pagoda and Tu Duc tomb.

Ari said I was racist for pointing out that this looked very much like an Asian dog, it looks like it's smiling lol

Ari and Linda with the raging Perfume river behind us and the street of our hotel was flooded by the time we returned, it had basically rained all day

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