Ride My Bike, Da Nang

Saturday, July 14, 2012

After Nha Trang, we were in Da Nang for a few nights though we didn't really see much of Da Nang, it was more of a central hub for us to travel to other places. Again we hired a little scooter to travel around with, this time heading to Son Tra peninsula to visit Linh Ung temple.

Ari at the gates to Linh Ung temple.

It was such a breathtakingly beautiful ride by the sea and though storm clouds were looming in the distance the sun still managed to shine for us, it felt really special. The temple had many amazing statues and carvings, the main attraction being the 72 metre tall standing Quan Am (Godess of Mecry). She was a wonder to behold, delicate yet commanding and an engineering marvel to say the least.

Ari & Linda with marble statues at Linh Ung Temple, Son Tra peninsula.

 Goddess of Mercy statue & Linda if you look really close.

 Ari and a dragon & us on another scooter.

And below is a video of us on the scooter, you can't really hear what I'm saying because the wind is really loud but you get an idea of the spectacular view. Also, if it seems we're going slow it's because I was trying to take a video but mostly because between my weight and Ari's that little thing struggled, I called it the little scooter that could :)

Video of Son Tra peninsula, Ari & Linda on a scooter.

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