One Day, Four Islands

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This day was the highlight of the trip for me, it was text book holiday fun coupled with perfect weather! So perfect.

We were picked up in the morning from our hotel and headed to the marina where we boarded a boat ready for our tour. The first island we docked at was Mun Island where we did some snorkelling (or rather Ari snorkelled and I attempted not to drown). Then we got our first dose of Vietnam sun.

Our tour boat and Linda catching some sun at Mun Island, Nha Trang.

The next island was Mot Island, we were served lunch on the boat followed by some entertainment. The tour guides were trained to sing in several languages which was impressive to the Dutch and French, for us they sang Waltzing Matilda, very cute!

After let's say a reasonable amount of digesting time (as my mother would frown upon eating then immediately swimming) we jumped into the ocean for happy hour, complete with club music, floating bar and even a entertaining but severely awkward promiscuous dance routine by our Vietnamese tour guides.

Ari and Linda knocking back a few shots in the sea. 

Our next destination was the Tam Island Resort. After a relaxing dip in the exquisitely exclusive pool (it really is nice having a massive pool to yourself) we signed ourselves up for a quick rush and went parasailing.

We were strapped together so quickly and efficiency that I didn't even think to ask about the pre-flight safety demonstration, before we knew it we were floating above the ocean taking in the magnificent views of Nha Trang and her many islands.

 Parasailing on Tam Island Resort.

Ari playing lifeguard on Tam Resort island and Ari with a "looking into the distance" stare on the way to Mieu island (I love it!).

Linda and Mr. Turtle and the recreation of "the Birth of Venus" at Tri Nguyen Aquarium on Mieu island our final island destination.

And to cap of our fun filled day, rather than falling in an exhausted heap in our hotel and ordering room service we went in search fresh local produce, the freshest! First you point to your unsuspecting prey, then they pick it out for you to inspect and then it's cooked to perfection, however you like it. Delicious!

Mud crab with tamarind sauce and lobster tails in butter with ginger and garlic.

"Point and pick" display and a huge pot of lobster congee.

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