Saigon, Underground

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Now some may refer to the term "underground" as a wild boozy night out in Melbourne (Oh, good times!) but in Saigon, I mean literally under the ground. Ari and I took a half day guided tour to visit the Cu Chi tunnels, a region hosting much bloodshed and conflict during the Vietnam war.

During the tour we got to see how the people survived in tunnel systems spanning a distance of 250km underground. They cooked, ate, slept, went to school and essentially continued their way of life beneath the surface.

Ari & Linda in the tunnel.

The tunnels were cramped, dark and stale smelling... 

As you can see, we couldn't wait to resurface (Ari especially lol). Not entirely pleasant, pretty creepy actually but good in giving us a firsthand experience of life underground. 

Above ground at Cu Chi, we had the opportunity to fire some guns much to Ari's delight - an M60 machine gun and an AK-47. Cu Chi was also the place I got bitten by a super mosquito, needless to say I basically bathed myself in Aeroguard for the remainder of the trip :(

Ari firing an AK-47.

 Linda with a crazy big mozzie bite!

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