Saigon, Like a Tourist

Monday, November 14, 2011

We didn't do many touristy things in Saigon, mostly lots of eating, getting full body massages and planning the remainder of our trip. We decided against booking a prepackaged tour so that we could have some flexibility in how we spent our time... Basically we were too lazy to sort it out beforehand so we winged it :)

One of the few things we did see was a traditional water puppet show. Although it was in Vietnamese, I couldn't understand what they were saying much to Ari's disappointment but it was clever and impressive nonetheless...

I'd definitely suggest get seats a few rows back unless you are prepared to get wet!

Ari with my grandma, aunty 7 and Mr Hung.

We also got a chance to visit my mum's side of the family which was awesome. As per most family reunions, they were obsessed with feeding us, so we ate at the restaurant beside aunty 7's house. Mr Hoang and his specialty game meats and my favourite okra and morning glory with preserved tofu sauce.Yum!

My darling grandmother made the trip especially from the country to visit, she humoured Ari with conversations in Vietnamese, touched him and petted his head the whole time lol it was very sweet to watch.

Ari and aunty 10 on a Vespa... Vroom vroom!

My aunts were nice enough to take us back to our hotel on scooters. As you can see Ari completely dwarfs aunty 10 on the bike lol when they were in front of us the only one I could see was Ari :)

Linda and aunty 7.

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