Bahrain, the House Hunt

Friday, November 18, 2011

So, we're interrupting the vacation recap to share some Bahrain updates since we've been here for over a week. It's total focus on house hunting at the moment which is super exciting! Last time I went on the hunt for a house, my sister and I fell for the second house we inspected. We bought it that very same day and that is the end of that story lol

Here in Bahrain, Ari and I must have seen in all two dozen places so you can imagine the sensory overload in filtering out the place we both want to call home for the next 6-12 months. Oh decisions!

I'm still not convinced that the surplus in properties for rent in Bahrain is a good thing. On one hand we are spoiled for choice and the prices are quite competitive (still expensive relative to Australia) but on the other it makes it so difficult to choose and we are being very particular since we've seen everything.

Images of some places we inspected.

Basically, our criteria came down to:
1. Floor plan, in particular quality of bathroom and kitchen
2. On site facilities e.g. pool, gym, theatre room
3. Location relative to the Saudi causeway (the bridge which takes Ari to work)
4. Convenience of amenities e.g. supermarket, restaurants

We have a shortlist and will make the final call in the next few days! Wish us luck :)

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  1. By the sound of things you also need to add

    5. As far away from the sound of bullets as reasonably practical

    Good luck guys!!!

    Love Aleesha

    p.s. I'd choose the place with the awesome view of the water, but that's just the summer baby in me I guess!

  2. that view is awesome in that second pic!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! We have chosen a place with not such a good view but it's tucked safely within the walls of a compound, the balcony overlooks the pool and it's brand new so we'll be the first occupants :)

    Will post an update with highlights and pictures when we sign the lease!