Saigon, An Introduction

Sunday, November 13, 2011

As the former capital of South Vietnam, Saigon is the name still widely used from the official Ho Chi Minh city it is known as. The seemingly managed mayhem of motorbikes, masses of people and constant buzz of lights and sounds is a rush only exceeded by ones attempt to cross the road.

We spent a few days in Saigon, mostly to visit the dentist for Ari's tooth implant. We had hoped the procedure would take in all a week but some complications arose which meant it couldn't all be done in one go. The result was Ari got an extraction, a bone graft with stitches, a removable temporary tooth, then a "fixed" temporary tooth which will be in place for 4 to 6 months until the bone graft heals. The upside is...

We get to revisit Vietnam again, yay!

Hill Billy Ari and his removable tooth.

While in Saigon, our favourite must try food and beverages include: 
  1. Pho (pronounced furr) - a tasty traditional beef noodle soup.
  2. Vietnamese coffee - condensed milk with filtered coffee and ice, lots of ice. The real traditional places include the filter so you get a diy feel.
  3. Fresh tropical fruits - we love green mango, guava, jackfruit and grapefruit. The best part is, they peel, slice and pack everything conveniently so you just eat it.
  4. Freshly pressed sugar cane juice - found on the corners outside Ben Thanh market, awesomely refreshing for less than 50 Aussie cents!
  5. Unusual meats - like frog, wild boar and rabbit.
 Ari's first frog encounter, yummy!

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