Bahrain, Food for Thought

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I was completely shattered at the thought of not eating pork ever again, it's one of my most cherished meats.

Now, this is not intended to be forum to debate which is the best meat (to my darling Ari, it's lamb hands down and I don't want to bring up that heated discussion again lol) nor am I meaning to offend/make uncomfortable our vegetarian and non-pork readership. It's purely about my love for a bit of pork on my fork. And! We found it, hoorah!

We were told that there were a few supermarkets with special pork sections that we could get our salami, ham, pork sausages and beloved bacon...

I was surprised at my own excitement levels when we found it, kind of felt like we were in a local deli back at home and it's comforting in a way. We also found Tim Tams (made in Australia), totally awesome!

Pork section at Alosra Supermarket, Budaiya.

Having said that we are more than open to trying the local foods. One of the things we really like are the amazing spice counters at the supermarket where you can get everything fresh. It smells incredible and should allow us to be more creative with our recipes.

Ari at the spice counter, Carrefour Supermarket, City Centre.

It's no secret Ari and I love food and having familiar foods here in Bahrain bring back good memories of friends and family and yummy feelings, so eat something that makes you feel good :)

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