Rain! In Bahrain

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Every morning for the last few weeks in Bahrain I was able to say with a smile "Another beautiful sunny day in Bahrain!" :) My daily mood has always been severely weather dependant and back at home I was a self confessed devotee of www.bom.gov.au.

On a cloudy, overcast day in Melbourne I would feel neutral and indifferent, sunny with blue sky I would be super smiley and if it were rainy and miserable I would most definitely be grumpy. And! Given the multitude of weather possibilities in Melbourne hence our infamous "four seasons in a day" tag, some days I was somewhat unhinged lol...

In all our research we only ever came across how stinking hot it was going to be in Bahrain but contrary to popular belief it isn't actually that hot here (for the moment anyway). They have two seasons consisting of summer and winter, in the summer months (Jun - Sept) the weather is hot with high humidity being mostly high 30's all the time, they say you cannot even walk outside it is that hot. During the winter season, which is right now (Dec-Mar), the climate is cooler, a nice sunny 23 deg C very comfortable and more importantly consistent!

Before we left we had joked about how you can get everything over here bar rain lol (thanks Anf) it's pronounced Ba-ha-rain anyway, the joke still has merit-ish :)

Anyway, we experienced rain yesterday! Well sort of, it started spitting but the drops were so tiny, I guess they were evaporating on impact. And we drove through a sand storm too, when it gets windy here it just picks up all the sand and you really can't see a thing.

This weather report was brought to you by Ari & Linda :)

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