Green Suede Shoes

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heavy bags and light pockets can mean only one thing.. Shopping spree! We've jetted to Abu Dhabi for a few days for Ari's work and since he was in meetings all day, I hopped on a free shuttle bus to Abu Dhabi mall for some well deserved girl time. Lucky for him the damage was minimal, so I guess it wasn't really a spree :)

Green suede shoes.

I really love these shoes, partially because they would pop my Zara cherry but mostly because they were green suede. But would I ever really wear them? Probably not. And wear them with what? Who knows. But do I love them? Yes. And do they make me feel all pretty and worth a million bucks? Yes :) Ladies if you feel me say hell yes!...

So if I feel a million bucks and paid only a hundred dollars then I'm obviously getting a bargain. It's a no brainer! But in the interest of happy relationships, they are currently in shopping limbo. You know shopping limbo right? It's when you (and by you I mean me) try and be non-impulsive and wait. Good things come to those who wait and I should not give myself into every pretty pair of shoes I see.

So the idea is, if I can't stop thinking about them over the next few days, obsess over where they are, tell my family and friends about them then it's meant to be. So, I'll go out and buy these shoes so hard and love them like it's nobody's business and the world is a better place :) Ladies if you feel me say whoo yeah!

But more often then not, you'll come back and they're gone. Someone else has fallen for them and you're left calling every store across the country looking for the right size and at night curling up in the fetal position wondering if they would ever be loved the way you could have loved them... I should just get them huh?

This is Ari & Linda reporting from Abu Dhabi (mostly just Linda).

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