Viva Las Vegas!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

One thing we had planned to do well in advance was to drive a convoy of convertibles from San Diego to Las Vegas. The basis of our whole pre-wedding trip was so that Ari could have his bucks party in Vegas, so we decided to arrive there in style.

We returned the sensible Ford Fusions and hired out two Camaros and a Mustang. Plenty of drama at the hire car place as even though we had made reservations, there were no convertibles available so we waited around for an hour until they were. Then Nath and Ferg's ended up with a flat tyre before they even got out so we waited again. We somehow managed to lose Rob and Annie from the convoy right from the get go, but managed to gain the lovely Dingeys later in the day.

Nath and Ferg looking super cool in their racy red Camaro. 

We made a pitstop for lunch in Riverside at ProAbition Kitchen & Whiskey Lounge where we were joined by the Dingeys. After lunch, we drove in towards Las Vegas with the intent of visiting Calico, a ghost town turned tourist attraction along the way.

There's James and Tara with Nath and Ferg.

And the Dingeys who missed out on a convertible but at least got matching red car.

The weather turned bad but we still kept the roof down and just turned up the heating :)

Las Vegas here we come!

We got to Calico while it was closing, so late that there was no one at the ticket counter so we just meandered through for 10 minutes and continued on our way.

We made it just in time, although I don't think we missed much. 

Our convertible convoy.

We rolled into Las Vegas at dusk and did a lap of The Strip before returning the cars. 

Everything was so flashy flashy and bright.

After returning the car to the airport, Ari and I walked an hour back to the Bellagio past the famous Las Vegas sign. 

We also stopped outside a little white chapel momentarily to contemplate if we got married here first would our guests coming to Hawaii be more outraged or more disappointed.

We decided not to get married by Elvis :) but would who know right?!

Tired and hungry at 2am, we grabbed some decent 24 hour Korean BBQ before returning to the hotel. That's me smiling with my mouth full. Thanks Ari.

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