Segways in San Diego

Saturday, September 12, 2015

From Los Angeles we hired cars and took the scenic route down to San Diego. Before we left though we downed some gigantic pancakes at the Griddle Cafe.

Super sized pancakes at The Griddle Cafe, Sunset Blvd.

We stopped for lunch at Huntington Beach, where Nath and Ferg had a pitcher of cider each which required us to take a super emergency restroom stop twenty minutes into resuming the road trip. We arrived later that afternoon and had a quiet evening exploring the surrounds of Pacific Beach on foot.

The next day, we celebrated James' birthday with lunch, followed by a long walk around Balbao Park and a segway tour around the marina.

Birthday lunch at Searsucker on Market St.

Free slice of cake! Yay!

Balboa Park.

The selfless group selfie, Ari took the shot but totally missed himself haha.

Safety first.

We zipped along looking as touristy as we could while taking in the sights along Harbor Drive all the way up to Marina Park and back. It was everyone's first time and we had a blast going as a group.

Ari and the USS Midway, the longest-serving Navy aircraft carrier of the 20th century now a museum.

And we're Segway racing, Ari wins!

Look mum, no hands on the Broadway Pier.

Rob, Nath, Ari and the birthday boy James sharing a moment.

The Gaslamp Quarter.

We stuck around for happy hour and fish tacos at the Gaslamp Quarter and turned in early for our big road trip to Las Vegas the next day. Happy birthday James, we're glad we got celebrate this one with you!

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