Strolling Along Venice Beach

Friday, September 11, 2015

We spent one of our days in Los Angeles at the famous Venice Beach where we met up with the Dingeys. Some of the more adventurous boys rode hire bikes from our accommodation in WeHo all the way down while the rest of us took easy Uber rides. We walked all the way from one end to the other.

Ari and Linda on Venice beach pier. 

View from the pier. 

Past Linda doing max pull ups.. Two! Better than current Linda who can barely lift herself off a chair haha

It was a bit too cold for us to go in the water or even sun bake really but that didn't deter hoards of people from doing so. We headed towards Santa Monica along the boulevard, there were so many people out on their bikes, roller blades and skate boards, families and their dogs, circus people practicing on the lawn, topless muscle men working out and people doing stunts on slack lines, it felt so lively! 

The gang at Muscle Beach.

Now show us them guns.

We had happy hour on a rooftop bar on Santa Monica pier as the sun set and the wind picked up and it became bone numbingly cold. Unprepared for this change in weather we adorn ourselves with beach towels and what little garments we had. When we could bare the cold no longer we went downstairs inside for some pizzas.

Ari and Ferg keeping warm. 

Later that night we went to a comedy show at the Laugh Factory called Chocolate Sundae (because it was Sunday and all the comedians were African American). The funniest part of the evening came from an exchange with a disgruntled heckling lady in the audience who took offense to a dog kicking joke. She proceeded to rant about how her dog was better than most people to which she was brutally and shamelessly ridiculed and berated by the comedian on stage and booed by her fellow audience members. Classic!

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