Old Lahaina Luau

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Before the wedding, we organised a welcome dinner at the Old Lahaina Luau. We were all greeted with orchid leis and Mai Tais on arrival and seated in the prime stage viewing area (I did make this reservation this a year in advance lol). As we mingled cocktails in hand, we were spoilt with a spectacular view of the sun setting over ocean.

Can you tell we're in Hawaii??

Scantily clad wait staff, some with amazing tribal tattoos.

Here's Miro, Rob, James, Matt and Nath enjoying a number of cocktails.

Catching up on old times; Julz, Anf, Linda, Miro, Brendan and Ari.

Lovely looking ladies; Vanessa, Andy, Ayda, Pha, Pretty, Linda, Cathleen, Diana, Tara and Annie.

The groom and bride to be.

Group photo!

The family; Jamey, Bill and Tina.

Enjoying the sunset view.

Love this photo of Ari and Anf, especially since Tan decided to photobomb it on purpose haha

Me with my girls! Ayda, Linda, Cathleen and Pha.

Doesn't everyone look chirpy, must be all them cocktails :) Miro, Anf, Linda, Nath, Tan and Matt. 

Dinner at the luau was a huge buffet of traditional Hawaiian foods, accompanied with desserts and free flowing cocktails. The list was about 12-13 cocktails long, which the boys all attempted to consume one of each. I think only Miro got through them all in the three hours we were there, well done!

Sunset kiss!

Could it be any more perfect?

Following dinner was a show with traditional dances and elaborate costumes retelling the interesting history of Hawaii and its islands. 

Seriously, the way the ladies do that thing with their hips is crazy impressive! 

All in all it was a a wonderful evening and a great way to kick off our wedding festivities. 

Thanks to Leslie of TRUphotography, Craig and Tina for the photos.

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