Universal Studios

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

We took a detour in the morning to Runnergy in Sherman Oaks before we got to Universal to pick up some Vibrams, which are those silly looking but super comfortable five fingered shoe with minimal soles. They are our preferred choice of footwear when it comes to training or any outdoorsy activity and surprisingly a huge talking point for bemused strangers. Perfect for a long day on your feet at a theme park :)

Entrance of Universal Studios.

Ari and I purchased a season pass ticket which was the same price as a single admission online and ended up getting the "front of the line" upgrade when we got there. It was well worth the extra money to not wait in line, it meant we could zip through the entire park easily in one full day.

Living up our childhood memories with lunch at Krusty Burger.

This is what hat hair and a foot long hot dog looks like and no I did not finish it.

Duff beer for Ari.

We spent the whole day on rides, watching theatrical shows and eating junk. The studio tour was my favourite part, where we sat on a cart and drove around the back lot to see where movies and TV shows were made. Very entertaining.

Waiting for the Waterworld show to start.

Post show, we got a minor drenching from being very close to the front.

We took a coffee break with a huge doughnut in the afternoon to perk us up for even more rides. As alarming as the signage that stated along the lines of "ingredients used in these food products are known by the state of California to have a carcinogenic effect"... We still proceeded to eat the doughnut lol.

Ari with our supersized Lardlad doughnut. I love how it matchy matchies his top :)

Mmmm... carcinogens..

Animal Actors was a cute live show with performing animals.

More terrible but tasty food choices... We love fairy floss (or cotton candy, candy floss...)!

Looking psychedelic for the Minions Madness 3D ride.

Transformers nearly made me hurl, we were in a car on a track simulation ride with an imaginary lunatic driver doing too many sharp turns and jolts, it went all over the place, just a I though that doughnut most surely would.

The Simpsons set was really cool, I mean who doesn't love the Simpsons? Ah nostalgia! Brings me back to a time where three young kids argued with their mum every night over watching the Simpsons vs. the News.

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