The Grand Canyon

Monday, September 14, 2015

Whilst in Las Vegas, we booked a day tour to see the Grand Canyon and since we were time poor we splashed out to fly there. We were picked up by bus in the morning from our hotels and shuttled to the airport.

On the plane, we were assigned specific seats to distribute the load. The big boys Ari and Rob were seated at the back.

The Canyon from the air.

The plane ride was far from pleasant, it was a touch gusty and our little plane did nothing but bounce around the whole way, although the view helped ease the nauseating feeling. I was so relieved we landed... We boarded another bus and then all of a sudden there was the massive canyon in view.

Ari and Linda taking in the Grand Canyon.

The photos really don't do it justice, Ari taking a photo of James taking photo.

It was really very difficult to appreciate the splendor and magnitude of it all. 

The canyon went on and on as far as the eye could see. It almost felt as though we were looking at a huge backdrop poster. Ari and I couldn't put our finger on what it was about the canyon that failed to really impress us.

Does it even look real?

We had our boxed lunch while gazing off into the distance in I guess quiet bewilderment. I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed that I didn't feel awe-inspired by it.

The Grand Canyon.

Sunny but chilly.

Clouds creating some contrast over the Grand Canyon.

Perhaps it was due to the short time frame we allocated to visiting the canyon or maybe because we weren't down at the bottom being immersed in it. All you could really do was look over the edge at it, and it was beautiful but a bit too static for our taste.

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