A Stitch in Time

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've decided to take up one of the oldest form of embroidery as a hobby this week in the interest of keeping sane, as I don't get out of the house much these days.

I was invited by my neighbour Alice to join her cross stitching club. I thought it would be like a stitch and bitch session but the ladies are just so lovely they don't actually gossip about anything, then again they don't get a lot of stitching done either :)

It was in all a positive experience, turns out I'm quite the pro at cross stitching, accomplishing my first piece in just under four hours. May seem like a lot of time but when you stitch and talk and lose focus for a split second, there's quite a bit of un-stitching involved too.

One of the ladies who sat beside me has had her teddy bear pattern for 23 years, she told me it was meant to be gift for a baby and now the "baby" has a baby of her own lol Mind you the patterns the other ladies attempt are way more hardcore than what I was doing. It's my monogram if you can't work it out from the picture :)

I still feel like I need to age about 30 years to fit the cross stitching demographic but it was rewarding, surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable. I mean it wasn't exciting or thrilling but it wasn't mind numbingly boring either. I'll keep it up in the secret hope it'll become trendy like knitting did a few years back, or maybe just get a head start for when I do age 30 years and all my friends are cross stitching too - then I'll be super awesome at it lol

Linda's first ever cross stitch, front and back.

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