Nha Trang Tourists

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Vietnam holiday was over half a year ago but I've been meaning to blog about the remainder of our trip for sometime, just as a reference. And now that our second Vietnam trip is just round the corner I figure I should get cracking with the backlog :)

We were in Nha Trang for a few days, the night we arrived we went out and had the most amazing sashimi ever. Had I not seen the chef pull it out of the fridge in front of us, I would have believed it if they told me they caught it the moment after I ordered it. So fresh, buttery and melt in your mouth! And although that experience was well over six months ago, I can still remember how distinctly exceptional it was, don't you love it when food can leave that effect on you? So good.

The following day, we went on a walk to visit Chong Rock where we got a tour, our guide helped point out how the series of rock piles sort of looked like stuff. I couldn't really make out anything, much like those disappointing "magic eye" things where you have to squint and jiggle your head a little to get it :)

Ari and Linda at Chong Rock, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Following a short taxi ride, we visited Champa Pagoda a place of worship. Since we were both in shorts we had to don some monk robes before we were allowed inside.

Ari dressed in a monk robe.

Linda outside the pagodas.

And to cap off our big touristy day in Nha Trang we went to That Ba to bathe in the mud and for a relaxing foot and body massage. It was such fun, floating about in the mud! Like good old wholesome childlike fun :) We didn't take a camera with us for obvious reasons but I kind of wish I had. And the $8 AUD massage was awesome too, best and cheapest we had for the entire Vietnam trip!

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