One Trip, Two Flights

Saturday, June 09, 2012

And we missed them both! To be later known as the Flight Crisis of 2012, this is the story of the drama that unfolded when we got our car.

Meticulously planned for a month in advance, we had set sights on heading to Abu Dhabi to inspect then purchase our car. However, the plan did not execute quite as expected.

Firstly we missed our early morning flight out of Bahrain. Now most of you will know Ari and I as the careful, highly organised, methodical engineering types and hence such behaviour is somewhat uncharacteristic for us both. We usually have a fail safe mechanism where if one of us misses something critical, the other tends to pick up on it, like a redundancy to keep the daily wheels of life turning smoothly...

Random picture of Ari with a comically large pepper grinder in Dubai mall lol.

Little did I know, all the while I was insisting that the sky must be falling because never before had I missed a flight in my life, that we should miss another flight the very following day. I've seen people miss flights before, let me tell you, it's not pretty and it's darn boring too. The wait for the next scheduled flight is somewhat excruciating as you are left calculating all the incidents that led to the event of you missing the flight and well, it leaves you feeling stupid. And I hate stupid.

Only because the knock on effects were substantial in this case i.e. we would now get there at 12pm instead of 8am, the car dealership closes at 1pm, the traffic authority closes at 3pm etcetera you get my drift. I was concerned we would not be able to finalise the car purchase in a timely manner. But! The heavens were kind enough to grace us so that we did everything else just on time to get the car. Up until our next flight of course.

After the car business was done and done, we spent a lovely evening with Ari's high school friend Tim, catching up over a Middle Eastern feast and some shisha overlooking the Dubai fountain on Thursday night. Tim would later become our hero on Friday night by generously putting us up on this air mattress after we missed our flight back to Bahrain. Thanks Tim, you're a legend!

Ari, Linda and Tim on Tim's balcony with the Burj Khalifa in the background.

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