Limited Breakfast Options

Monday, June 18, 2012

Recently Ari's been called upon to work super human hours so there hasn't been an opportunity to do the grocery shopping in sometime (as a reference super human hours is coming home at 7am, 2am and 4am respectively and getting up to do it again the next day!). And as each day passes with a diminishing pantry and fridge my meal choices become more challenging and exciting :)

Yesterday I still managed to bake some Anzac cookies which was cool, lucky for me it's an egg-less recipe because eggs were so 4 days ago lol. Today takes the cake though and I'm putting out a disclaimer as a don't (definitely don't) try this at home kids!

Well the back story to this is I've started a workout regime rendering me somewhat crippled in soreness most other days, so I've been having protein shakes to counteract this. I hate protein, it is so unpleasant while leaving a waxy mouth feel ergh.. so Ari suggested making it into a smoothie with banana.

Now protein, splash of milk, a banana and a few cubes of ice whizzed up in the blender equals magic. I streamlined breakfast altogether by adding my morning shot of coffee to the smoothie (delicious), I could also throw my daily vitamins in there too but I think that would be taking efficiency a bit far. But how could you not love killing two birds with one stone? Actually... I never got this saying, I'd rather not stone any birds let alone two plus these days my arms and legs are so sore I can't even imagine squatting to pick up a stone much less mustering the strength to throw them at birds :) Back to my story.

So bananas disappeared a few days ago, shortly followed by milk so breakfast has become a sort of coffee protein frappe with water and ice, which surprisingly I can't complain about. Today the fridge produced an avocado from behind the lemons and limes! Obscurely hidden from view and on the downhill side of its life cycle, I decided to whiz it out of its misery. This is what I got...

Avocado and coffee protein smoothie, highly not recommended.

The blender drew the short straw in this process, I couldn't believe how much it looked like someone had used it as a sick bag and then thought it would be funny to blend it up. Besides from tasting unusual, quite rich actually, the texture was absolutely amazing. Limited breakfast options indeed.

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