Easter Time!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This weekend is Greek Easter so Ari and I got his mum's super special, secret and oh so yummy koulourakia recipe. Koulourakia is a traditional butter based with egg glaze Greek pastry that is eaten during Easter time.

I always looked forward to Easter at Ari's when his mum would make them. It would be all Ari and I ate for days, dunked in coffee and/or tea for breakfast, lunch or dinner :)

It was a little sad not to be home during the holidays to be around family but we did make sure that we got our share of Easter chocolate and cookies here in Bahrain to make up for it.

Our koulourakia baking was a success and they tasted just like home, thanks to Tina! Although the recipe was like for a commercial quantity, we made six batches baked over two sessions and the batter had to be mixed in laundry tub lol

Kali Anastasi everyone!

Ari with a hand full of batter which he happily ate and our yummy home made koulourakia that didn't last very long.

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