Formula One Bahrain

Friday, May 25, 2012

When the Formula One was in town last month and by town I mean country, Bahrain was gripped with F1 fever for a good month in the lead up. Ari and I decided to go given it was basically on our door step and I had never been. I believe every man and his Ferrari were at the F1, even Ari (note: this is not our Ferrari though the picture suggests otherwise, ours is parked at home - not lol).

Luckily for me being a Formula One novice, it was much more than just about the race, there were a host of activities including clowns, circus performers, rides even an MJ impersonator - I could only assume this was Bahrain at it's international best.

Being the betting enthusiasts we are, an F1 sweep (much like a Melbourne Cup sweep) was in order, where by the loser had to run through a fountain and the scoring was based on the official F1 points system. And even though Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull won the race, his 25 points were not enough to save Ari from getting wet.

Ari running through the fountain after losing the sweep.

Video of Vettel, followed by Grojean, Raikkonen and Mark Webber.

Ari and Linda with "candy" floss and chilling out enjoying the entertainment.

ps. the photos are compliments of PW Photography, thanks Phil! :)

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