Souk Waqif, Doha

Friday, April 06, 2012

 So, those who've followed our blog will know a souk is like a market place or a bazaar. Souk Waqif was exactly what I pictured in my head a souk should be, just like in the Disney movie Aladdin :)

Intersecting lane ways of perfume stalls, shisha stands, wooden crafts, abayas and materials, push carts of interesting foods and spices, strange smells, lots and lots of people, there were even animals. We found these little colourful chicks, we were actually looking for a more magnificent and deadly bird, the falcon or as Ari put it, a bird that would eat these chicks for breakfast... Awww!

We eventually found the falcons and Ari got a chance to hold one. I was too terrified to try, their talons looked quite sharp and vicious. The one Ari held was worth 15k QAR which is about 4.5k AUD! Such a beautiful bird and so calm, even though they have blindfolds on they are still vigilant and aware of your presence.

Ari apprehensive with the falcon and Ari after I told him to hold it closer.

Afterwards we found this cool outdoor restaurant and had an Arabian feast with some shisha, which I've taken quite a liking to, all while watching soccer on their projector screen. What could be more perfect? :)

Ari with shisha.

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