Quest for Sunnies

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ari and I had both lost our sunglasses prior to our arrival in Qatar, well to be more specific I know where mine is (in Australia) but it's no good to me there - you're welcome sister, congratulations on the acquisition of my knock off D&Gs compliments of Vietnam.

Being in such an environment as the Middle East, I'd say it's crucial to have a pair of sunnies. One of the most distinct things about this region is the lack of green or rather the lack of any colour. It's just beige, nude, tan, sand, and taupe wherever you go, not to mention it creates the most uncomfortable glare, hence our quest for a nice pair of shades.

Now anyone with large size heads like Ari and myself would understand the dread and difficulty of finding appropriate things to suit our heads, like sunnies. Oh! The impending terror that is head wear shopping for the big headed individual.

On our quest, we went to a mall in Doha called Villagio, inside was a beautiful recreation of Venice complete with canal, gondolas, lamp posts and blue sky on the ceiling. Being the tourists we were, we took a 20 QAR (that's like 5 AUD) ride and to my surprise it was more fun than I expected. And we did end up finding sunglasses, thank goodness for that!

Gondola ride in Villagio Mall, Doha.

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