Museum of Islamic Art

Monday, April 09, 2012

Upon arriving in Doha, a building that caught our attention was the Museum of Islamic Art, beautifully lit in the evening against the backdrop of the corniche. We decided to get us some culture and explored it the next day.

We made the mistake of walking from our hotel, which though was only a 20 minute stroll, felt like we were being eternally punished by all the concentrated rays of the sun which I could only liken to what ants might feel under a magnifying glass of a cruel child. It was so ridiculously hot!

We saw some pretty neat, well preserved, very very old stuff. Some of the things that amused used along the way included this diamond, emerald, ruby, jade and gold encrusted dagger. Ari decided he would fake steal the dagger for me because I thought it was so pretty and sparkly.

 Sparkly dagger and Ari trying to take the sparkly dagger lol.

The architecture was quite impressive too with lots tessellation and use of geometric shapes, contrasted by use of soft and natural materials like sandstone and quartz.

 Picture of the ceiling.

And this exhibit appealed to me initially as I thought it was a pig, so I squealed "piggie!" which is an affectionate name I have for my dear sister, only to find out it was a cow after reading the caption which funnily enough is her equivalent affectionate name for me lol. And for those who don't see why it's funny, the names are based on our zodiac signs. Although it's less funny now that I have to explain it :)

 The pig/cow exhibit.

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