Nailing the First Dance

Monday, June 22, 2015

I thought maybe I should change it up a bit and do a post about our wedding. I must admit, I was really terrified about our first dance. Although it was choreographed well before we left, we only really spent 2 hours the night before the wedding practicing it. To be fair we did have snippets of practice in random locations across the West coast.

Practicing away at Balboa Park in San Diego. Thanks to Ferg for the photos that we didn't know were being taken!

Dancing on a fog free day by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

And here is the amateur footage of our first dance to Michael Buble's "You and I" courtesy of Daniel! I'm so thankful to have this copy to share with everyone while we wait for our professional video. We really pulled it off and it was so much fun with our guests' reactions and cheers! Be warned, the video does end quite abruptly just before the finale which was a dip and kiss :)

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