Introducing Einstein Schrodinger the First

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Just after Christmas of last year Ari and I adopted a gorgeous little three month old kitten (he was the size of Ari's foot) into our home from the BSPCA. We had floated this idea for a long time, well since we moved here so for over three years now but it always came down to a "no" due to the frequency and duration of us travelling.

But since we've made some cool new friends in Bahrain, who also happen to be major cat people we have a place for kitty to have a stay-cation while we are away and vice versa for our friends. Cat sitting is awesome, it's like watching cat videos on the internet all day but in real life! lol

Here's our bundle of joy Einstein, he's about nine months now so not a little kitten anymore.

He used to be pretty much all white but over time he's developed his Lynx points on his legs and belly and become a darker grey colour. 

Einstein likes to supervise me while I work.

Looking adorable in his plastic bag cubby.

 Here's Einstein having some quality lap time with his daddy!

I seriously could post a zillion photos of him but I'll control myself lol Here's Einstein sleeping like a person. Too funny!

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