Hollywood Boulevard

Sunday, June 21, 2015

We were so excited to finally catch up with familiar faces from back home! After returning from an early morning walk, we found James, Tara, Rob and Nath waiting for us in front of our accommodation. They had just arrived in LA looking just as jet lagged as Ari and I were several days earlier. After tucking into some sandwiches, checking out and storing our bags, we all set off on a walk towards the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here we are walking past Paramount Pictures on Melrose Avenue.

Hollywood sign in the distance from Hollywood & Highland mall.

Ari and I actually didn't manage take any pictures of any stars on the Hollywood Boulevard nor of any hands and signatures at the Chinese Theater. I can't recall if it was because we were still too jet lagged to care or because there wasn't anyone we saw that we particularly fancied. After lunch we went back and collected our bags and proceeded to check into our new place in West Hollywood.

Later that evening, Ari and I ventured out to the Griffith Observatory. We briefly explored the exhibits inside and star gazed through telescopes manned by volunteers outside. The observatory features a huge telescope which we weren't fortunate enough to look through since the line was too long (and it was freezing cold!), so we bought tickets to see a presentation in the planetarium instead.

We arrived just as the sun had set behind the Hollywood hills.

Linda and Ari in the planetarium. I was so tired that I fell asleep and missed most of the presentation :(

Night shot of Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory. 

The views were pretty amazing from here, the entire city is so brightly lit. It was unfortunate that we weren't dressed accordingly for the lower evening temperatures, I was so distracted by the cold the whole time it was hard to appreciate it all!

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